Prayer Tips

Do you know that God wants to talk with you?

God wants to interrupt "our usual life" to spend time with us. He wants to be a constant thought in our everyday.

Prayer is how we communicate with God. It's a practice where we can HEAR God's guidance and grace. He wants to make a difference, not only in our lives but in the lives of people around us - and its through prayer that this is achieved.

[Mark 11:24, 1 John 5:14, 2 Chronicles 6:21, Jeremiah 29:12, James 5:13, Matthew 5:44]

man in black jacket lying on floor
man in black jacket lying on floor

How to Start

Tell God how EXCELLENT He is

Tell God where you MISSED the mark

READ a chapter from the bible

THINK about what you have read and write it down

Pray for SOMEONE ELSE. Make as a list of friends to pray for. Believe for them everyday.

ASK God for your needs - small or big.

WAIT in silence for 5mins. Listen for God as He speaks into your heart.

Write down what God SAYS to you.

PRAISE God for being so awesome.

Find a comfortable & quiet place so you won't get disturbed - bring you Bible. You can start with a basic way like this: